Cranes & Hoists

Whether you’re looking for an I-beam bridge crane, patented track crane system, overhead monorail system or a smaller workstation crane for ergonomic type situation, we do have the right mix of cranes, hoists and below-hook equipment for you.


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Our Cranes
Our wide selection of cranes will prepare you for any job:
  • Overhead bridge cranes
  • Radio control bridge cranes
  • Patented track cranes
  • Gantry cranes
  • Box girder cranes
  • Jib cranes
  • Twin hook cranes
  • Monorail cranes


Our Hoists
Our hoists will get your equipment moved wherever you need it:
  • Monorail  hoists & trolley
  • Explosion proof  hoists
  • Electric and air hoists
  • Automated  hoist systems
  • Workstation hoists and balancers
Crane Electrification Systems
Plan-it Material Handling Inc knows that having the right equipment is critical to the success of any job. We carry a variety of crane electrification systems to provide increased power and control. We also have below the hook equipment to grip, lift and transport your specialized products.
Our material handling solutions can help you save time and money!

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